Burped up by a burpee

After completing the last page of Fit-In Saturday morning, the high I felt could not be confined by the 4 walls of my bedroom. "I must celebrate! I must do SOMETHING!," I thought. Years of procrastination led up to this moment so I deserved a treat of some kind, right? Well, that something was already scheduled in the form of my routine Saturday morning Bootcamp class at Crunch Time Fitness

How could I make this day even sweeter and add another notch on my victory belt?


That's not exactly how it played out per se because you won't usually find me excited about doing burpees. My lower extremities and boob situation prefer not to be thrusted in the air and braced for impact before hitting the ground. But this was a "special day" so burpees were welcomed with a bit more enthusiasm and embraced for their victory-belt notching potential. 

30 burpees, 15 squats, 40 jumping jacks, and 15 push-ups in, it was time for the next round of 25 burpees. Enthusiasm and embrace quickly turned to "what the hell? and why Lord?," but I was on a mission towards victory so I kept at it, huffing, puffing, and determined to win. 

There's always that one spoil sport that just doesn't want you to win... Enter burpee 15 of 25, the hater. 

I swear this happened in slow motion... I jumped up, arms in the air, toes pointed like Misty Copeland (my boo), then I hit the ground gently, toes spread like Shaun T (the punisher) taught me. I crouched, hands on the ground, arms directly under my shoulders and lunged my legs back swiftly then everything went dark...

My back. 

It wasn't with it. It had enough of my antics and tapped out. Pain instantly shot down from left lower back and into my hamstring. No more victory-notch for me this day. 

I was chewed up, spit out, and burped up by a burpee. 

I'm more than familiar with back pain. This year was probably the worst experience I've had with it. I was unable to walk for days and in pain for months. Several doctors visits, medications, and plenty of tears, all no help (not until acupuncture). My boss calls me an orthopedic surgeon's dream and my family lovingly calls me "bruk up." Loose translation: always broken. 

I'm injury prone, I'll admit, but I'm also more determined than most. I could easily quit and give up  on my fitness 'hobby' and chuck it up to being destined to remain the same. 


Probably stupidly, I proceeded to go to paintball with my friends an hour later, and in the past few days, taught my Bokwa class and gingerly two-stepped in a Cardio dance fitness class. I'm not recommending working out while injured AT ALL. I knew this case was not the same as my situation earlier this year so I pushed through it. As always, consult with your physician first before proceeding forward with any fitness activity while injured or proceed at your own risk. I'm risk-taker re: no time to see the doctor and I got things to do! 

Minor setbacks can wreak havoc on progression and slow down momentum indefinitely. They also can make for a great comeback story, whenever you do decide to come back. I was not signing up for an unwarranted pity party anytime soon. Victory is still on the horizon. 

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? What did you do? 





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