Oprah invests in Weight Watchers- More than weight loss?

First off, I'm kicking myself... I've been trying to get my act together and do some adult things like paying off my credit card debt, saving more money, starting a retirement fund, etc. Diversifying my portfolio and making some investments are also on the agenda. I keep putting the latter off because I have no idea where to start and the more I Google and Youtube, the more confused I become. I make a mountain out of mole hill with everything. That's just how my over-analytical (dramatic) brain works. 

So when I got a text message this morning that Oprah invested $43 million dollars into Weight Watchers, I became annoyed. Why? Because my over-thinking made me lose out on money that I didn't know I could make and because my over-analytical brain didn't come up with  investing in Weight Watchers in the first place.

I had some insight. Sorta. 

I was a WW member for a few months back in 2010-2011. It's actually where everything health, wellness, and fitness related began for me, sort of... Health scare propaganda and family history played a bigger role, but that's for another day.  The program works, no doubt about it. But... their  approach to weight loss has been a little too watered down, imo, which is why I left the program and ended up on a journey towards discovery and enlightenment in nutrition (MS in Nutrition anyone?) I would have invested my coins simply because 1) I know the program works 2) It's a gateway and starting point towards better health and wellness, and 3) People buy into it (New Year's Resolution-ers up ahead!) 

My eyebrows raised a bit when I really thought about Oprah and Weight Watchers joining forces so to speak. How will she impact the company? What will she bring? She's been candid about her weight loss ups and downs over the years. And to me, it seemed like now, she's comfortable with herself as is (I follow her on Instagram and Facebook so of course I know her life *sarcasm*).

Then I read this:

"Chambers [Weight Watchers CEO James Chambers ] noted that the company hopes to become more about leading a happy, healthy life rather than just losing weight, and Winfrey should be of help toward that end."

My heart smiled. 

Oprah has been focusing more on spirituality and tapping into that inner happiness we all possess over the last few years with her OWN network (Super Soul Sunday is everything!). Now it makes some sense and I'm happy the company is delving into this territory.  

Side-bar/Rant: The scale is the first damn thing that greets you when you enter some WW facility. Talk about stress, anxiety, and pressure. I can remember being in some WW meetings with people depressed and upset about not losing any weight and disregarding all of the other amazing accomplishments they made in the process. 

Weight loss is, and forever will be, more than the scale! 

Back to the script. 

I'm curious to see where this goes for Weight Watchers and I hope it works out best for their clients and potential new clients. And for me too... shares haven't gone up too high... 

Maybe Oprah will help them choose a new name...