Twerking- The workout?

I don't know why I even asked or mentioned knowing who my friends are, but I did anyway... I've been suffering from a bout of writer's block/funk/need a vacation/whatever. I alerted part of my squadron of my plight and here was one of the replies: 

Write about the benefits of twerking. That’s extremely interesting. #imdeadass

*Rolls eyes*


I mean, she does have a point. There are benefits to twerking, when done in 'correct form', and it is interesting to say the least. I'm all for dancing and trap music so I've decided to take this seriously and share with you guys some of the fitness benefits of twerking. 

Twerking has been around for decades (Sorry Miley, you gets no credit here). Whether it's connected to the bounce days of DJ Jubilee from New Orleans or related to the ceremonious Mapouka dance Cote d’Ivoire, one thing for sure, shaking the booty isn't a fad.

Movement and muscles.

Muscles have a purpose. They allow us to perform basic movements in our everyday lives like walking and sitting by pulling on our bones to make the action come to life. Twerking is no exception. This movement incorporates the largest muscles of the body, the glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings. Activating those muscles by positioning yourself into a squat position, bent legs, knees not coming over the toes to prevent injury, you can easily feel the burn and see that twerking qualifies as a bonafide workout. Elevate your heart rate by moving up and down with your squat to the pace of the music. You can get creative with it and let your imagination run wild. Youtube has plenty of videos to intrigue your, ummm,  adventurous side... [NSFW!].  

Now, crank up your favorite trap song and get to work! Doing this for at least 15 minutes should get a mean sweat going. 

Let me know if you try this out! 

For your enjoyment, here's some twerk basics below.