Reclaim the Joy in Fitness- 4 Ways Fitness Can be Fun

 I will be the one turning up in the nursing home. That's for sure!  source

I will be the one turning up in the nursing home. That's for sure! source

We all know that our time on this planet is borrowed, finite, uncertain, and all that jazz. But, for some reason, we can get caught up with doing things we hate or barely tolerate. I'm all here for manifesting a life of awesome-ness and living the sh*t out it! Which includes, and is not limited to, an amazing fitness life. Yup, my workouts will be dope, bawse, all that and a bag of chips (here I go showing my age...), and everything I need it to be. Why not wake up every day looking forward to being challenged and having fun while doing it? What's the point of dragging your body to something you don't enjoy and thinking back about it when you're old, gray, and stuck in a nursing home because your kids don't want to be bothered with your miserable old ass, wishing that you would have spent your time better in your golden years. 

Well, I'm here to reclaim the joy in my fitness and be inspired to keep it up until I can't anymore and you should to! Consider trying a few things: 

1. Take classes you enjoy: I dance my little heart out on the dance floor. I'm the beauty vixen chick that enters the club then leaves looking like I was caught in tornado thunderstorm (yes, both). I love to dance and will do so until my legs say "nah, we quit!" Dance fitness is my thing. Find your thing and flex it. 

2. Take your fitness outdoors: Go hiking, ride a bike, swim in a lake, bask in Mother Nature's portfolio and roll around all up in and through it. There is so much beauty around us that gets drowned out by our busy lives at times. Enjoy it while getting your fit on.    

3. Grab your homeboy, girlfriend, cat, dog,  or whoever makes you smile and make it a group thing: Having people (animals) you enjoy around makes for a great experience and helps to keep your heart rate up. My dog excitedly drags me around the block during our walks and I love every minute of it. My friends are usually down for a fitness class or an adventure. If you don't have friends that share your interests in fun fitness, find some new ones! There are plenty of people and groups out there to join for fitness enthusiasts. I can think of one right now...

4. Try something new: Never tried kickboxing before? Give it shot! Does urban rebounding pique your curiosity? Go for it! You may discover something that you never thought you'd enjoy, but you have to try it out first (and keep giving it a shot too!) 

We all want to live to create memories that you we forget. Fitness should be a part of them.