Black Girls Running- NYC Marathon 2015

The ING NYC Marathon is the biggest marathon in the country with over 40K participants each year braving the (usually) cold and pounding the concrete streets of New York's 5 boroughs. People from all over the world train and prepare for the event with hopes of winning the cash prize, or at the very least, crossing the finish line.

I wasn't able to watch the actual marathon this year, but I had a different view courtesy of the Facebook group, Black Girls Run! NYC. I only recently joined the Facebook group; however, I've been aware of the Black Girls Run! organization/movement for several years (I've been a lurking member since 2012... um yea...). To say that I am high off the awesome-ness from the postings of the participants and supporters in this group would be an understatement. (This post skipped the line of another that I had in cue and was actually completed without day(s) long hesitation like others. Anywho...) 

 Photo Courtesy of BGR! NYC Member Dawn Storey 

Photo Courtesy of BGR! NYC Member Dawn Storey 

My timeline was flooded with images of black women at different sections of the marathon, 8 mile, 16 mile, 22.5 mile... BGR volunteers and marathoners were out in full force, tackling the arduous 26.2 mile event, and encouraging each other towards victory. I was beyond excited for them! I cheered and routed them on during my workout in the gym in the morning and during lulls in my work shift in the afternoon. 

'Viewing' the marathon from this perspective was such an inspiration. The diversity of shapes, ages and sizes of these women was wonderful. I can't recall ever seeing this kind of coverage of the marathon. Too many times though, I have seen or heard that black women don't work out. Stop telling me black women don't work out! These women are out here proving the contrary and putting our existence out there for the world to see. 

I'm inspired to get out, run more, and push even harder. Maybe not a marathon right now... but perhaps a 5K or two in the future. 

***I'm awaiting permission to post pictures here from the group and will update later so you can see some of the black girls running magic too!