Crystle Carter

  Crystle shooting her shot at the GQ Basketball Tournament in a sea of XY's. 

Crystle shooting her shot at the GQ Basketball Tournament in a sea of XY's. 

She's probably going to kill me when she sees this, but I don't care! When someone touches your life in a positive way, you should let them know. Even if that means putting it on a website for the world to see and stealing her pictures without her permission (Do not try this at home!) 

Crystle and I have been friends for over 10 years  (geez...). My first roommate at NYU, and surprisingly, now one of my closest friends.  This girl could talk y'all... I didn't know how I was going to survive. Somehow I managed. Glor-ray!

After all this time, I don't think I've ever mentioned to her once that she was a fitness inspiration for me. I know I've told her plenty of times she gets on my nerves then she'd smirk with her mega-watt smile and say "I know you love me," and that's just how we roll. My ride or die. 

Crystle was pretty much an anomaly to me back in 2005. She was an EXTREMELY confident big girl. I was a big girl too and I was sorta kind of confident... (Sike! I faked the funk), but Crystle was the real deal. She never let her size get in the way of anything she wanted to do and I was always amazed by her. During a time when fat shaming flowed like running water and the body positivity movement had yet to pick up steam, she was definitely a trailblazer in her own right. 

She didn't think of her weight as a handicap. She participated in all kinds of sports in high school. When the guys hosted a charity basketball tournament in college, she pestered the hell out of the them to make sure they included girls in the mix. Like I said, she talks a lot. 


Crystle Fits-In because she refuses to be shut out by her perceived limitations. She loves sports and loves participating in them. She's my fit-in(spiration).


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