Shanna Muigai- Wife, Mother of 3, Entrepreneur, and Personal Trainer

Success isn’t about speed. It’s the step-by-step process of never giving up.
— Shanna Muigai

Shanna is a phenomenal woman and my 'secret' fitness instructor mentor (Shhhh! Don't tell her!). Her passion for fitness can be misinterpreted by some (She goes HARD!), but it is because she cares about her health and the wellness of others, and she doesn't believe in excuses! She doesn't make any excuses for herself as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur so she doesn't expect any when she's instructing one of her many fitness classes at Crunch Time Fitness. Her drill sergeant-esque approach to fitness stems from her own fearless (faith more) ability to take on challenges and obstacles that come her way. Difficult, but not impossible, can be her mantra. She encourages, motivates, and she believes-- believes that anyone who possesses the ability to transcend their own limitations, will have endless victories ahead, if they work for it. 

She has pushed me as a student in her classes, encouraged me as a fellow fitness instructor, and inspired me as a mother and friend. She's my Fit-In(spiration). 


  • Age: 34
  • Education: MSW from Fordham University 
  • Fitness Credentials: Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor 
  • Occupation: Co-Owner of Crunch Time Fitness

How do you believe you "Fit-In"? 

As a mom of 3, finding time for myself is challenging. In a world of hustle and bustle, it's common for moms to put their needs last while caring for their children. I Fit-In by making it all work. Fitness and health is a priority to me so that I can be functional for my family. I'm not a super - mom as some like to call me, but being a mom, and taking care of myself makes me feel super. It's what I hope I can pass down to my children. 

What does body positivity and self-love mean to you?

If a person has a positive view of themselves, self love is sure to follow. When a person understands that it's ok to "love the skin you're in" self love will motivate them to be the best they can be. There are lots of people wanting to be better so that they can be better than someone else. It's never about being better than someone else, but about being better than you were yesterday. Body positivity means you are ok with what you have and self love allows you to take care of it.

 How do you think you impact fitness culture?

As a mom, I impact the fitness culture by showing other moms that it's not selfish to take care of yourself, and eating healthy/working out while raising children is doable. 

 What fitness accomplishments have you made?

In 2014 I was blessed with the opportunity to open a fitness studio. I am now certified in 10 different fitness formats and I offer one on one sessions to my clients. After having a baby 4 months ago, I am back on track with my weekly training sessions and feel stronger than I have a several years. 

Any words of wisdom or motivation you'd like to share? 

As for motivation, I meet a lot of people who don't invest in fitness because they are comparing their ability or lack thereof to someone else they deem fitter, faster, stronger, or just "better". To those people I like to say "No matter how slow you go, you're still lapping everybody on the couch". Success isn't about speed. It's the step by step process of never giving up. 

This mommy of 3 puts in work!