Carly erskine

Carly Erskine is the creator and founder of Fit Inspire Health (FIH), a health and wellness lifestyle brand that promotes and encourages “Health and Wellness for Every Body!” 

Growing up obese for many years, she saw the world through an 'interesting' lens. There was a certain degree of exclusion because of the extra pounds she carried. Now, being older and more comfortable with herself, she began to question the conventional outlook of health and fitness as she went through her own weight loss (and regain) journey. It was during that time she decided to pursue dietetics as a career and her love for fitness blossomed. When she became a fitness instructor, she saw an even greater void in representation of shape, color, age, and ability.

Carly is currently a Registered Dietitian and prep cook. She received her Master’s in Nutrition at Hunter College and her Bachelor’s in Psychology and Pre-Med studies at New York University.

It is her hope that as a Registered Dietitian and champion for inclusive fitness, she will help to change this myopic view while empowering others to do all they can with what they have to maintain their health and wellness.

Sasha Thompson 

Sasha has been a body-postivity enthusiast before she even knew the term existed. From adolescence, she has made her pursuit of self-discovery and self-love a primary focus of her life. That journey inevitably lead her to fitness as she struggled to accept the realities of her life post-college (aka quarter-life crisis aka 'adulting' is hard and she just wasn't ready). Incorporating fitness into her practice of self-love opened the door for even more self-discovery as she picked up running and became a half-marathoner. Although maintaining her fitness goals has been a struggle, she's learned to embrace her body and slays all day whether she's a size 8 or 16.  Sasha has an undergraduate degree in music and sings around the city when she's not getting the bills paid at her day job. She is also passionate about social justice issues and a firm believer that comfort food has legitimate medicinal benefits.

natasha ngindi

Tash is a Nutrition Student that is almost ready to start her career as a Registered Dietitian in 2018. She thrives when she is able to be creative and absolutely loves painting and photography in her spare time. She is truly free-spirited and she believes in speaking up on issues that she's passionate about. In her spare time she sings loudly, dances, pretends she’s a model, and talks a lot. She loves bright colors too, and she even wears leggings as pants! She has been a big girl all her life and her journey to weight loss has been full of many ups and downs. She has been an active supporter of the body positivity movement for many years now and recently, Tash has stopped trying so hard to lose weight, and has decided to practice what she preaches. Instead of restricting herself, she's started eating and being active with the intent of enjoying herself, and it has been an amazing experience so far. Tash believes that she is beautiful the way she is and for the first time in her life, she looks in the mirror and truly admires herself, including her fearfully and wonderfully made body. Tash realizes that she needs to learn to love herself no matter what her body looks like, and no matter what anyone thinks of it. She would love every single person to feel the same way about themselves. Tash is so excited to be at this point, and she hopes to inspire others along the way. Tash encourages anyone who would like to watch or join her very slow and sustainable weight loss journey, to follow her page on Instagram [@thethicknutritionist].